Water Conservation Program

Water Conservation saves money, preserves wildlife habitat and makes sure there is enough water for all uses.  Read on to find out how you can save indoors, outdoors, and all around your home or business.

Where Does My Water Come From?

The simple answer is the Clackamas River, but many here in town know little about the river or the story behind it. The fact is the Clackamas is more than just a water source, it is also a river with a connection to the people of this region of Oregon that stretches back 10,000 years. It is drinking water for 300,000 people, water to support farms and gardens and life to the salmon, steelhead and lamprey that return every year to spawn.

If you’d like to learn more about this river and its connection to us, click on this Link to view the film “The Clackamas River and You.” It is an entertaining and educational film about the Clackamas River that was written, created and produced locally in partnership between the City of Lake Oswego, The Clackamas River Water Providers and Clackamas River Water.  Enjoy.

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